Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival – Oregon Family Photos

We venture down to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival every year…. Some years we are blessed with incredible weather, other years it’s surprisingly cold and super windy or massively muddy. Most years it’s windy haha… Last year (2022) was VERY windy and cold, but my kids toughed it out and we had a lot of fun. I even captured some great photos with our golden retreiver puppy, Gracie.

I braved one of the festival rides with my boys and it was proof I’m aging. Let’s just say I won’t be doing that again. I felt nauseous the rest of the day, it was horrible. Once upon a time I LOVED roller coasters (this was a spinny ride so maybe I’ll just avoid those).

The festival is starting a little later this year due to an extended winter… Early to mid-April would be a great time to snap some photos of you at the beautiful Tulip Festival! The festival ends April 30th. There’s usually several HUGE fields of many different tulip varieties and colors. It’s breathtaking! If it’s a clear day you get an EPIC view of Mt. Hood in the background!! If you wait until the end of the festival most of the blooms are blown off by the wind.

Email me if you’re interested! Hello@LaurenAllenPhotography.com

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