Kwanzan Cherry Tree Blossoms – Tigard, OR

Something I’ve come to REALLY appreciate about the Portland, OR area is the incredibly beautiful layers of Spring. Certain trees/shrubs will bloom for a couple weeks and then once they’re done another kind will start blooming so as to make up for the sadness of the already-bloomed tree being done completing it’s show. I get so excited I squeal if I sight a blooming tree – doesn’t matter if I’m driving or walking…. I’ll make a point to come back to it and admire it’s beauty!

In Texas, where I grew up, we had a very limited amount of blooming trees and NOTHING like I’ve seen up here. It makes my heart SO happy. It also makes the long, rainy, cold winters worth it once we come out of hibernation to see alllllll the blooming beauty!

I recently learned about Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Trees. Sure, you’ve seen the “regular” Japanese cherry blossoms, but have you seen Kwanzan Flowering Cherry trees?! They’re breathtaking with their huge double pink blooms. They shower the ground with their pink blooms, while still flocked with plenty on the tree. I found a nice little grove and grabbed my youngest son for a quick little photo shoot last Spring – donning his adorable yellow rain coat and yellow rain boots (both my favs). We had a lot of fun “splashing” in the pink blooms, playing hide and seek in the trees, etc… I’m grateful for these memories.

Now, let’s capture some of your memories among these beautiful blooms!!! These will be blooming any day now in the next couple weeks! Email me if you’re interested

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