Summer Family Session at the Rose Garden – Portland, Oregon

This was a fun shoot with a cuuuuute family with two grown boys, one in college and one headed to college (in Texas!) and while they were both still home for the Summer, Alyx, the mom wanted some nice family photos and quasi “senior” like portraits of her boys. This was one of the insanely hot heat wave summer days last Summer. We originally scheduled the shoot for the evening light, but rescheduled for 8:30 am and we were still all sweating like crazy. I don’t miss that about being a photographer in Texas. Thankfully she came prepared and was dabbing the boys’ noses with powder, hah… for the boys’ sakes, I’ll save from sharing those ;).

They were one of those classy, but hilarious dry-humored families. They were cracking jokes at each other, which had me lol-ing. It was a fun shoot! Alyx wanted to re-create a photo they took at their wedding with the guys holding her up, except this time it was her sons and husband holding her up! How cute are they?! Alyx is a very talented interior designer... check out her work!

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