Mountainside Lavender – June 2019

Once again I’m a year behind in sharing so many personal images. I’m so happy we discovered Mountainside lavender Farm- just 20 min from us and less than 5 from our friend’s house. It’s a small family owned lavender farm on the edge of Hillsboro/Scholls just West of Tigard.

Anyway, here’s some favorites of my boys from last June (2019). This year I only had time for a quick solo trip in between errands, and the boys stayed home and played with Dad. My youngest isn’t quite as generous with his “modeling” for me like my oldest was at his age – hah. So, it’s more of a fight/wrangle these days for me to capture our outings (in the way I envision).

Too bad I can’t transfer the incredible smell of this fresh lavender across your screen. Just imagine ;).

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