Camping with two little very active, curious, high energy boys is… quite the adventure! This was our third time tent family camping. We made a few changes, which totally upgraded our experience (borrowed a giant walk-able tent from a friend for Noah and me… it had TWO rooms!) and we camped at our new favorite little spot.

No kidding the SECOND we got out of the car, Noah fell face first into the dirt walking up the slight incline to the campsite lol.

I’m writing this nearly a year after we camped hah-oops…. and my, how things have changed… we made reservations for the same spot this Summer (supposed to happen in a couple weeks), but because of stupid Covid-19 pandemic, it’s not looking like it’ll happen. They shut off the water pumps (which we refill our big 5 gallon jugs almost daily) and would be required to bring our own (which is ridiculous for a family of four for 5 days), and even possibly potty in the woods since they’ve minimized campground services. No thanks. I’m all for tent camping and making memories, but that’s too much for the kids and me (one of which has just gotten comfortable pooping on the potty).

Anyway, last year’s camping experience was wonderful and filled with adventure (including stitches for Brady) and being a couple sites over from our old land lords/friend’s parents (who are totally doing it right by RV-ing it at a lake front site)!

Brady brought his bike and after repeatedly lecturing him about slowing down, he bit the dust face first on pavement over his handle bars. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad and could have been tragically worse. We cleaned it up and drove in to Sisters (the nearest town) and stopped at the first doctor’s office and by the grace of God (despite us being filthy and disheveled they got Brady in immediately and had possibly the best doctor experience to date! The doctor was so nice and professional and both he and Brady did really well! It was a nice break from camping in the woods to pop into civilization for a cup of coffee and socializing haha.

We hiked, we cooked a lot, we got dirty, we swam in the ice cold lake, we borrowed said friend’s awesome kayak for an afternoon paddle, we enjoyed some soft serve, as well as, adult drinks & yard games at the Suttle Lodge at the opposite end of the lake, we found a sweet little youth only fishing hole by the Metolius River that we love. It’s bittersweet looking back at these photos and seeing this was George’s last family camping experience. He slept in the cool dirt the majority of the time. What a perfect pup. We miss you, Georgie. I’m SO grateful we get to make these incredible memories with our boys in such a gorgeous place!!! It’s something we talk about all year long and look forward to. Enjoy our Suttle Lake 2019 Family Camping photos 🙂 . There’s A LOT of photos (big camera + iPhone), but we stay 4 nights and that’s A LOT of memories to document :).

iPhone Photos:

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