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I’m so glad you’re here! During our recent quarantine, I felt the desire to CREATE and SERVE, which birthed my iPhone Photo Guide.

This FREE guide was created out of a desire to spark joy and creativity during these weird times of being at home during a quarantine. My goal is that you learn at least ONE thing while perusing through this guide. I hope you’re encouraged to try new things, see new perspectives and learn to use light differently during the “mundane” simple moments at home (or once we’re able to eventually get out and adventure).

In this FREE “Cliffs Notes” version you’ll learn composition & technical tips. If you’d like to learn MORE ( more composition & technical tips, the rule of thirds, my fav editing apps & how-to’s, my fav print vendors, etc…) you can download the FULL guide.

Cheers to your photo journey!


“A simple yet thorough guide to that has improved all my iPhone photography skills. As with most people, my iPhone is my go to source to document our day and my children’s milestones. This beautiful guide is simple to understand and perfect for the novice photographer.” – Mackenzie K. 

“I loved the tip about the easy swipe access to get to my camera quick. And I LOVED the suggestion about using the grid! The suggestions of taking photos while people are engaged in an activity, and even providing some of those activities is genius!” – Marsha C. 

 “As a busy mom sometimes my pictures fall short and end up being blurs of moving children or don’t end up capturing the moment intended. Lauren’s iPhone guide helped me to realize the ways that I can capture the beauty in moments, even if they aren’t perfectly posed, and that the beauty is in the imperfection and reality of the moment. It also has made me think more about the angles and lighting in my iPhone pictures, and has also allowed me to slow down and enjoy some moments without rushing to grab my phone. If I can capture some beautiful images, I do not need pictures of everything. Thanks for putting this together and showing me how to more easily take beautiful pictures and edit them to show the details in the moments of life.”   – Katie D

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