It was a warm April afternoon in 2019. The traffic was unusually insane, Google Maps re-routed us and added 20 min to the drive and the youngest pooped when we were sitting in traffic, so we had to pull over to change his diaper in a random parking lot in the back of my SUV. The festival parking lot attended guided us to the literal farthest spot from the other side of the farm from where we spent our time – lol. Needless to say, it was all worth it once we arrived and the boys were searching for mud, surrounded by hyper-color tulips that we look forward to visiting every Spring. It’s usually a beautiful quick 20-30 min drive South on half free-way half back country roads that take my breath away.

This was also the first year my husband joined us, so I was trying to snap photos quickly of the boys as to not force him to linger (which we all know happened anyway). The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is the marker of my annual “donning of shorts” since we moved to Oregon in 2015. It’s when I get to proudly blind all the poor folks with my pastey white legs in excitement for warmer weather. (My husband immediately regretted his wranglers and was desperate for shorts in one of the first hot days all Season).

It’s so funny to see the difference in my boys. The older one has almost always complied with my photo shoots and only if it goes for a really really long time he gets impatient or just wants to do something else lol… where as, the younger one umm… basically won’t do anything unless it’s his idea. His ONLY IDEA that day was to eat snacks. lol. It’s a miracle I got any pics without fussy face or the snack trap attached to his hand! But look how beautiful they are and the gorgeous Farm is. Do you see all the images of Brady attempting to be sweet (hold hands, kiss, hug, etc…) and Noah just completely blocks him or pushes him away? hahaha sheesh. I’m going to have an entire album of these series as they grow up.

It breaks my heart that the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival was cancelled this year (2020) due to Covid-19. It’s something we haven’t missed since moving here and I look forward to making images here with my boys. I’m so grateful for these. I never regret over-documenting or over-adventuring with my boys. You never know when a pandemic is going to shut down the world and you can’t explore your favorite or new places.

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