Orchard Park – Hilsboro, OR (Spring 2019)

It was worth the 45 min one-way-full-of-traffic-drive where my kids were less than pleasant to open the car doors to breathtaking blooming fruit trees in Orchard Park in Hilsboro, OR. It was too close to dinner time, the oldest didn’t comply with my wardrobe suggestions, and the youngest fell in some mud in the middle of my “photo shoot”. At that point all I could do was laugh and try to smile like I didn’t care – haha…. anyone else been there?

Thankfully, I got some cute shots of the boys exploring Orchard Park in peak blooms. Ah, I live for this kind of stuff around Portland. How beautiful is this? We only explored part of the park. There’s a frisbee golf course and a small-ish playground and big rock climbing contraption at the entrance of the park near the parking lot. We missed it this year (2020) due to the “stay at home” orders b/c of Covid-19. Booo.

So, I’m sharing this a year later in pure Lauren fashion. I have no problem turning around client work in a fast, quality and efficient manner, but personal stuff tends to pile up. I shoot, shoot, shoot and file away and then it takes me months to get to it (mostly because we’re enjoying life and I mostly don’t “allow myself” to prioritize it above other stuff, but hopefully I will be changing that soon.) Look at my sweet baby Noah who doesn’t even have all his teeth in these photos. Goodness, they grow up FAST!

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