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The weather was a little questionable at first as I arrived at the Seabold’s family beach house. A special place they’ve come to for the last 30 years to enjoy life, celebrate milestones, get away for some R & R, etc… Now the (big) kids are bringing their kids! When they asked me to do a Day Session at their Oregon Coast beach house in August, I could not wait!

As we made our way to the sandy beach along a long narrow pathway through the beach grass, the weather became almost perfect for Labor Day in Oregon (the marking of the end of Summer here). The sun was diffused just enough and while it was windy, it wasn’t cold. The little kids gathered their treasures (various rocks, shells, sand dollars, etc…) while they adults hung out on towels and blankets and chatted about life. I love the way Mr. Seabold scurries in front of and assists Mrs. Seabold down the steep sandy pathway over the beach grass onto the sand, as if it was second nature – something he’s been doing for years and years. To witness their interactions is to witness a true loving bond that’s stood the test of time. It makes it just that much more special watching through my camera lens how they interact and love on their kids and grandkids.

The kids (big and small) eventually made their way down to the water and splished and splashed to their hearts’ content. I learned that this stretch of beach in Gearhart, OR is known for sand dollars and by golly, there were TONS. I can’t look at a sand dollar without being transported back to my childhood, combing the Texas beaches for small (usually broken) sand dollar pieces with my grandma every Summer. She’s collected them for as long as I can remember.

The little kids were wrapped in warm dry towels and toted back up to the beach house for lunch and play time in the grass yard with the pups before eventual afternoon rest time/naps. It was a fun day at the beach and I’m so thankful I could capture it for this wonderful family who I’ve been documenting for almost 5 years now.

Interested in a Day Session? Let’s chat! You won’t regret it.

Here’s a SHORT version of their Day Session Video:

Here’s the FULL version of their Day Session Video:

Here’s some images from their Day in the Life Session:

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