Brady’s 6th Birthday (October 2018)

For Brady’s 6th birthday we celebrated by having Steve’s Creature Feature come to our house with his reptile creatures. The kids were able to learn so much while touching, holding, and passing around various large and small reptiles (of course with his close eye and assistance). Some reptiles were only allowed to be viewed from afar. He was so patient and kind with the kids and shared lots of interesting facts.

Instead of a big birthday cake, I made dirt cups (as healthy as I could- hah) for the kiddos, which were a big hit! Who doesn’t love a good ole dirt cup?! It screams childhood, right?!

So funny that Brian was basically the farthest person away from all the snakes in all the photos haha… He kept needing to “check on something in the other room.” I’d rather see a snake than a roach any day. Blahhhh

Overall, the kids had fun, filled their bellies with dirt cups and snacks then, finished it off with a good run at the (accidentally tiny) gator Piñata to fill their bags with candy and send them home on a sugar high.

Happy Birthday, big Brady boy! We love you so much.

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