Oliver Family Portraits – Tigard, Oregon

It’s true that us Texans in Oregon find each other. True story that Brittani and I would find ourselves basically living parallel lives – going to so many of the same places the first year we lived in Portland. “Oh hi! I didn’t know you went to church here?”… fast forward an hour, “Oh, hi! How funny that you also grocery shop here…” you get the picture.

Fast Forward a few years and now we’re in the same church home group because of their generosity and invitation. We love this Texas family also living in Oregon. Corey’s Dad was a high school football coach and worked with some of the same coaches at my high school that was I friends with. Small world (we have a couple distant mutual friends, too).

So, when Brittani texted me about doing a quick shoot for them, I jumped at the opportunity. Can you tell that this shoot was planned only 45 minutes before I clicked the first shot, or that it was below 45 degrees outside?! They were so brave! Y’all my battery died on the literal LAST shot of the shoot lol. Talk about good timing (and it was a backup battery.) Normally my gear is prepped way before, but I was just coming off an out of town trip of several shoots.

We had fun despite the freezing cold (I was so bundled and they were not hah). Don’t they look dapper in their formal attire?! Also, praise to Brittani for having twins and then another baby so close together, so they’re basically triplets :).

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