Noah – 11 Months Old (June 2018)

I’ve had this shoot in the back of my mind for over a year now… ok a year and a half. Oops. Anyway, better to share late than never, right?

These images give me the giggles, warm fuzzies and ??? It’s a shame neither of them have personality 😁. Noah is such an expressive baby (and now toddler). He’s constantly giving me the belly laughs. His ability to now immediately imitate and correctly use phrases I say with impeccable timing is hilarious.

Don’t mind the dirty toe nails of Brady. I’m pretty sure I called him inside from playing in the dirt to take some “cute photos on white paper with your brother” – haha… Mind you I gave 0 prompts to the boys except “be nice” maybe? I can’t make this stuff up… what is Noah looking at? What is he “commanding”? Where did he learn “Fishy lips”? haha. I’m beyond blessed these are my little boys. Ughhh, I love them.

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