Cronin Family | 2nd Day in the Life Session | Dallas, TX

It’s always a joy to document my client’s lives, but to do a second Day Session for a family is super special! I love working with the Cronin Family in Dallas. They are down to earth, fast paced, family oriented, good at cooking, always displaying the current holiday decor, constantly quizzing their son about what musician is playing on the radio, one of the last people to read a daily paper newspaper, etc…

Killian is only about a month younger than my oldest son, so it’s neat to see their similarities (hobbies, mannerisms, current dance moves, what they like, etc…) We started the morning like their first Day Session by waking Killian up and starting their morning routine. We headed to the pumpkin patch across the Metroplex first, where we bounce housed, merry go rounded, hay rided (?), and selected a carving pumpkin – along with a ton of little pumpkins for his upcoming annual Halloween Party.

Then, we grabbed some Mexican food (praise be!) before hopping back in the car for a a quick at-home outfit change for Killian’s flag football that Tory helps coach. Then, we spent the remainder of the day at their house carving the pumpkin, cooking dinner, reminiscing over old photo albums, playing toys, enjoying a delicious dinner cooked by Tory, and ending the night with a Spooky walk around the neighborhood to view all the Halloween decor.

To say the Cronins like holiday decor is an understatement. They go all out and have so much fun with it – usually accompanied by large parties to celebrate the occasion. Last time it was lots of Christmas decor (a month or two after Christmas, which I’m all about!) and this time it was tons of scary Halloween decor (inside and out). Makes me kinda re-think our minimal decor situation lol.

Here’s the SHORT version of the Day in the Life Fusion video:

Here’s the FULL version of their Day in the Life Fusion video:

Here’s some images from their Day Session:

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