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Doing your own kid’s newborn portraits is quite far from “easy”.  What you don’t see is the bucket of sweat from me, and the thousands of breaks we took to soothe baby Noah, who was a literal angel until it was time to do these portraits and he was not a happy camper at the studio lol. Whhyyy…. But, I’m so grateful for the handful of images that turned out beautiful and for Brady being such a great cooperative big brother (only 4.5 years old) for these photos that we’ll cherish one day when they’re all big and grown (and until then, too)!

It’s cliche, but incredibly true how quickly our kids grow up right before our eyes. It warms my heart to see all the little changes not only in Noah, but in my big boy, Brady. He looks so young and little here (nearly 2 years ago!).  You can see the sweetness and desire to be a caring big brother oozing from him.  I always say it – I never ever regret taking the 1,000’s of pictures of my kids. Sure, it gives me a lot of “work” to go back and edit through, but it’s so worth it and such a gift to freeze time that I’ll never get back.

Some shots from home:

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