Lincoln City, OR | Family Beach Vacation | August 2018

The summer we first moved up to Oregon (and I turned 30) we rented this adorable “small home” in a gorgeous hidden gem neighborhood in Lincoln City for a couple nights. It was the perfect size. Then, we grew (added a busy baby who was on the move crawling + our once small toddler was now almost 6) and we rented it for a few nights again this last August around my 33rd birthday (2018). It seemed MUCH smaller, but still a beautiful little hidden gem. We used the heated pool much more with two busy little boys. The views are incredible. Feels like Nantucket on the West Coast. Our new favorite breakfast restaurant (that we’ve seriously considered driving to the coast from Portland (1.5 hours) just to enjoy b/c it’s so good) is Nelscott Cafe – a couple blocks from the cabin we rent in Lincoln City. They have odd hours so, make sure to check before going! They serve fresh, generous portions from friendly staff at a tiny little beach-y diner.

When you’re staying in a literal Tiny House, you are forced to spend a lot of quality time together – hah. We played a lot of checkers & did a lot of shuffling around while trying not to trip over the baby or the dog, while either were trying to escape an open door. I was thrilled that there was a yellow beach cruiser bike for me to borrow to explore the neighborhood. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Love me some good quiet solo time, especially when staying in a tiny house with allll my people (read: high energy five year old & quasi mobile nursing one year old) for several days. It was a great refresher for this introvert.

Here’s some videos I put together, as well as, some photos. I captured our trip on my iPhone, DSLR, and drone. The first video is a fusion of all three mediums. The next two are separated out into 1 minute short videos of just the DSLR documentation, and then the drone footage. Enjoy!

Like these? I could create a similar style documentary video for your family – check out my DAY IN THE LIFE Sessions . They’re SO fun to cry to a year later!! 😉

FULL FUSION VIDEO below (3 diff cameras + Still photography over a couple days)

1 Min Short Video (DSLR) below

1 Min Short DRONE Video below

Some fun images over a few days from my big camera…. iPhone pics are at the bottom. 🙂

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