My Favorite Safer Summer Beauty Products

It’s hard to narrow it down, but here’s some of my favorite safer / better beauty products that I’ve been using the last couple of Summers. I don’t prefer to wear a lot of face makeup so these items help prevent sun damage, sooth my skin once I’ve been out in the sun, and give me a little “glow” for that no make up, make up look :).

It’s important to me that I’m choosing safer products. Do you know how many daily products you use and how many toxic chemical are in EACH of those products. Many of us use an average of 12 products on our skin/bodies per day. TWELVE. And often times it’s way more. That can total thousands of *unknown* toxic chemicals that can lead to infertility, hormone disruption, cancer, etc…

Anyway, These products truly work and it’s comforting knowing I’m doing good for my skin and helping move the industry towards more ingredient regulation. It’s incredible what companies do not “legally” have to disclose on their ingredient list. “Fragrance” can be THOUSANDS of toxic chemicals that’s allowed in US products. Barf.

My “gateway drug” to Beautycounter was their liquid sunscreen. It applies PERFECTLY and is affordable and safer. BOOM. Now I’m obsessed with the little sunscreen stick. I literally take it everywhere. It could even fit in a fanny pack! We take it hiking, to the park, on bike rides, in my diaper bag, etc… Kids can even apply on their own!

As tempting as it is to buy the products that promise “quick fixes” for skincare problems I’m trying to focus on my inner gut healing/fueling and using safer products all around. If you can’t overhaul everything at once, just start with one product. Then, replacement buy as you can. I started with sunscreen! Then moved to a few skincare items. Now nearly everything I use is Beautycounter and I loooove it.

It’s so fun sharing these great products and mission with folks! Message me if you need help or have questions! SHOP HERE:

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