Suttle Lake – Drone Aerial Video | June 2018 | National Deschutes Forest, Oregon

It was a gorgeous (windy), sunny day at Suttle Lake last Summer on our family tent camping adventure in Central Oregon.  You can view more about our family tent camping adventures here and here.   We went out for a family hike/walk along the trail that hugs Suttle Lake and I couldn’t resist drone-ing.  We couldn’t even stand up paddle board or kayak that day, because of the extreme wind. Why is it always soooo windy whenever I drone?!  Honestly, 9/10 times it’s super windy, but I was still able to get some great footage (as I’m still learning).

There are SO many places in Oregon I want to test out my drone an capture beautiful footage. It seems I always have kids/family in tow so, I do it when I can on our adventures!

Here’s a few images I shot with the drone over Suttle Lake, too.

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