Little League Practice

Last night we had our first Little League practice of the season. Brady has been SO excited for the season to start. This was the first year we didn’t do a Fall sport, but it was so nice since he was starting Kindergarten to allow for that adjustment/transition instead of cramming out schedule FULL of activities.

Our schedule was originally scheduled for Monday evening, but it got rained out & rescheduled for Tuesday, which was PERFECT weather. Once the sun starting going down it got way chillier, but otherwise was an incredibly beautiful day. We raced from the other side of town where we were traipsing around the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens all afternoon enjoying the sunshine while Rara’s visiting and made it jussst in time for practice. Brady was thrilled Rara was at practice, too.

One of our friends & fellow school parents is coaching this year, which is fun to already know a few families on the team! So grateful for our little community here in Oregon. God really has blessed us in ways I started praying about years ago. It’s neat to reflect on how he’s brought those prayers to fruition.

Noah was WAY more interested in sweet little Dallas’ crackers “mo cackers peeze” (more crackers, please!) and basically chased her and accosted her until he could mooch as many as he could hold in his mouth and hands. LOL. They both wanted to be on the field with big brothers.

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