Granny P & Grandpa Clif visit Portland | August 2017

We were so grateful to have Granny P and Grandpa Clif (Brian’s dad) visit us from Dallas about 2 months after Noah was born (late Summer/August 2017). Yes, that long ago – hah. I’m playing catch up on life blogging.  We did a few Portland-y things while they were here, like visit the downtown waterfront and let Brady splash around in one of the many splash pads around town before getting our sugar high on at Voodoo Doughnut.

We also took them to our favorite little spot on the coast (Hug Point) for a day at the beach, which was mostly overcast, but just lovely. Noah did a lot of snuggling on Paula’s chest, which gave me a little break in between alllll the nursing.  In the fog of newborn baby land, I missed the super special outing the boys had where Grandpa Clif got to see/help Brady ride his bike for the first time without training wheels. Apparently he was ready long before, because he  just took off and never looked back once his training wheels were removed. I snapped a few pics of a re-enactment when they got back home.

We spent some time just hanging out in the backyard and Clif even helped spray paint some of our outdoor dining set white.  It was a great visit. We were so grateful for all he help and the company. How was this almost 2 years ago?! Come back soon!!













































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