Rowena Crest Viewpoint | Family Hike | May 2018 | Drone Video

The excitement I have for the upcoming Spring/Summer hiking season is massive! It seems the last few summers we’ve always had “something” holding us back a bit like injuries, pregnancy, newborn, etc… It seems like this is our first Summer that we’re really ready to just plow through a huge list of hikes/outdoor adventures. We’ve earned it- hah!  Last May (2018) we hiked the Rowena Crest Viewpoint trail in Mosier, OR. It was a VERY WINDY, but beautifully warm sunny early Summer day. It was pretty kid friendly (save for a few steep drop offs if they were to run out of your site near an edge or something) oh, and also the threat of rattle snakes b/c you’re must closer to the desert.  Also, no dogs allowed.

We made a full day of it and started at the trail/view point with a couple hour out and back hike, droned a bit (while nervously sweating b/c it was so windy), and then headed back into Hood River for dinner with the incredible river front view of the sunsetting behind the gorge.  Brady did pretty well on the hike and of course, unpacked his cute little “tools” to practice his paleontologist skills along the way.  Noah did ok in the pack, except when he started getting hungry.  We love eating at the Full Sail Brewery (ate on the porch this time) and finished it off with some of Mike’s Ice Cream from the cute little shack with a gazebo and some cute seating and kid play area in the heart of downtown Hood River.  Here’s a 3 minute drone video (where we actually make a few scenes!)  of the Rowena Crest Viewpoint, as well as, along the hike. It was such a beautiful mix of lush green terrain mixed with rocky quasi desert terrain with a big ole river flowing through it all. 🙂




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