Oregon Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival | April 2018 | Woodburn, Oregon

It’s become an annual tradition that when we visit the Oregon Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival I break out my shorts for the first time since the previous Summer. For some reason it’s worked out perfectly and been incredibly beautiful weather whenever we visit in March!!! You wouldn’t know it, but it was super windy last year when we visited in April with my mom (but I still got to wear shorts!!)  She was visiting from Texas and hadn’t yet been to the Tulip Festival.  I felt terrible, because it was destroying her contacts, but we made do and were able to snap a few quick shots of the boys. Look at my little Elmer Fudd haha! I kept telling him “Don’t grab the flowers” as if a baby would understand that. Oops… he went straight for the tulips! He LOVED digging his hands in the dirt and big brother was a big help and good sport for most of the pics.  I’m so grateful this is just a short 20 min drive South from where we live in Portland! They have lots of fun games and activities for the kids – some free, some a few bucks. We usually pack a picnic dinner and go in the late afternoon and stick around to play after adventuring through the tulip fields.   I think my favorites are almost always the white tulips – something about the simplicity and purity of them… and of course the yellow varieties.  🙂

Here’s a blog post from our first visit in 2016!  Last year I was pregnant, but didn’t blog it, bummer!


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