Bald Mountain Hike via Lolo Pass Trail // Mt. Hood // July 2016

Back in July Brian and I went on the Bald Mountain Hike from Lolo Pass Trail with EPIC views of Mt. Hood, as well as, Mt. St. Helens (a little more in the distance.) You  know how you feel when you sit in the front row at the movie theater? THAT’S what’ it felt like when we got to the final view point at Bald Mountain looking straight at Mt. Hood.  I have this sorta infatuation with Mt. Hood. No kidding every time I see it from ANY view point it takes my breathe away (even from our front yard). There’s just something about that ‘cano (as Brady calls it) that makes me melt. See what I did there?

It was one of those close to perfect days where moods were high, the weather was nearly perfect, the drive was beautiful, we spent most of the day hiking in (breathtakingly beautiful) nature surrounded by unbelievable views, and ended it with our favorite small town hamburger joint on the way home all while my mom was watching Brady. What a gift of a day.

I made a quick 2 min video from our hike:

Here are some of my favorite shots from our kid free hike.

_2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1327_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1331_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1338_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1342_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1346_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1348_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1363_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1365_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1373_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1376_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1379_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1385_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1389_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1390_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1392_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1395_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1396_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1397_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1399_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1401_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1403_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1404_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1407_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1413_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1421_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1431_WEB _2016_07_mthoodhike_highres_1434_bear_web
_2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1439_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1445_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1470_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1478_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1483_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1491_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1496_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1499_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1509_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1536_WEB

THIS is the butterfly I chased/documented for a good 20 minutes. _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1537_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1543_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1551_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1555_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1558_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1569_WEB _2016_07_MtHoodHike_HighRes_1575_WEB

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