Sauvie Island Lavender Farm // July 2016 (1st Trip)

We visited Sauvie Island Lavender Farm when my mom was visiting us in Portland in July. I was expecting a huge farm with rolling hills, but it’s less than 2 acres, which was just the right size. It wasn’t very crowded either, which was nice. There are a couple picnic tables with umbrellas and a huge shade tree. You get some nice views of surrounding farms behind the lavender farm. Brady enjoyed discovering the various fairy houses around the field/property.  Each bunch (as much as we could fit in a giant twisty tie) was about $6 and a couple was just enough to dry at home, and use for some recipes. I made some lavender milk tea and lavender ice cream (yum!). Rara even took some back home to Texas with her.  I would love to return again during peak season when the sun is setting for optimal portrait lighting. This was midday, but still beautiful.  Stay tuned for our second visit with another side of family was visiting :).

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_2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1194_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1200_WEB
_2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1220_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1235_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1239_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1240_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1247_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1221_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1250_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1254_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1259_WEB
_2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1278_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1285_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1290_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1300_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1311_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1313_WEB _2016_07_LavenderRaRa_HighRes_1322_WEB

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