Oregon Coast Beach: Lincoln City – Part II

On day two of our trip, we ventured over to Drift Creek Falls for a nice hike to see the magnificent suspension bridge and waterfall! Getting to the trailhead was a pretty drive a little off the beaten path, but maybe only a 20 min drive from the beach where we were staying.  It was a good hike… approx 3 miles total. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at the waterfall and I practiced a few yoga poses on a giant log at the base of the waterfall.  Pretty amazing.  I could have napped right on that log. Sometimes (actually most of the time) I wish I could just retreat to sitting in the forest all day and listening to all the beautiful nature sounds and soaking up God’s creation. I’m so glad that we get to enjoy these amazing sites around Oregon.

To see photos from Day 1 and the video from the whole trip see blog  Part I. 

The weather was so nice and clear and warm that we decided to head to the beach that afternoon following our hike. I had originally planned our family self-portrait for this time, but we postponed for the next day (maybe not the best decision lol – stay tuned for pics in Part III post). Day 2 of the beach was better than day 1 for Brady. He still wasn’t sure about getting into the cold (powerful) ocean so, he just stuck with frisbee throwing, soccer ball kicking, log jumping, and sandcastle building.

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INSTAGRAM:118-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 119-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 120-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 121-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 122-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard


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