Oregon Coast Beach: Lincoln City – Part I

We were blessed to spend my 30th birthday at the Oregon coast in the dreamiest neighborhood in Lincoln City at Olivia Beach.  Before we  moved to Oregon we reserved this cute little “tiny” cottage back in the late winter/early Spring.  I’m grateful for my husband who likes to treat me for special occasions like this.  This is Part I of probably 3 or 4 from our several days at the coast.  These photos are from our first morning at the beach; my big 30th birthday!  Pretty amazing in the extreme differences of weather we experienced in less than 2 hours.  Brady was NOT having it when we first arrived to a foggy, super windy, chilly, roaring beach.  He was used to the calm (super hot & humid) Gulf Coast in Texas and Florida that he’d experienced before.  Granted, he did have a preview of the Oregon coast before this trip (we spent a day at Cannon Beach earlier this summer).   I had this dreamy idea of what our first day at the beach would be like and the first hour was not what I had in mind, but thankfully it cleared up and was GORGEOUS.  Visibility was for miles and the sky was painted bright blue and the sunshine illuminated the jewel toned teal water.  Brady’s mood instantly changed when the sun appeared (thankfully)! The Pacific was of course, a tad chilly so we just stuck our toes in it (and ran). George even had a great time running into the water and was surprised a few times by the tide catching up to him. This was his first ever beach experience. Since we’ve had George (7 years) we visited the beach at least once, if not more, times  a year and he never was able to join us (for various reasons).  We were so happy for him to experience the beach!   We played frisbee (or “hisbee” according to Brady), Brian listened to the sweet hand crank radio I gifted him a couple Christmases ago, we jumped off drift wood, kicked the soccer ball, built a sand castle, enjoyed some snacks and even snuck an adult beverage (in plastic cups don’t worry) down to the beach.  It was all fun until Brady kicked sand into the hummus. Hah. Oregon Coast, you sure are beautiful (and temperamental).  Stay tuned for documentation of the remainder of our trip.  Below is a video across several days of our vacation. I’m still working on my videographer skillz so please don’t judge ;). 003-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 004-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 005-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 006-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 007-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 008-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 009-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 010-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 011-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 012-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 013-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard015-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 016-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 017-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 018-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 019-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 020-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 021-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 022-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 030-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard023-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 024-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 025-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 026-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 027-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 028-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 029-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard031-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 032-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 033-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 034-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 035-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard Buried or just lying down? ^^^ 036-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 037-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 038-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard



116-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard 117-_2015_08_LincolnCityBeach_Storyboard

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