Oregon Coast Beach: Lincoln City – Part III

We are usually blessed by my step-mom (who’s a photographer) or another family member who snaps some family pictures of us at the beach on our usual annual beach (extended) family beach vacation during the summer. However, this summer was different since we just moved to Portland, Oregon in June. This year’s annual beach vacation was spent celebrating my 30th birthday  on the Oregon Coast – just the 3 of us (four if you include our dog, George).  So, that left me with the challenge of taking our own family photos using a shutter remote. I had a big plan and was so prepared. I made sure Brady was well napped, fed, and dressed with plenty of time not totally racing the sunset. Well, when we got down to the beach it was super windy, a tad chilly, and full of sea mist (barely any visibility). Not quite what I had in mind.  This is what scared Brady on day 1 of our beach trip earlier in the week. He was NOT happy. It was our last night so we couldn’t reschedule (again) and I had already pushed it back a day.  So, as you can imagine the photos turned out a little comical. I tried to make the best of it and Brian was trying to be very helpful, except they just ended up returning to the car at the top of the cliff and waited for me to pack everything up and join them.  Thankfully, we shot a couple more at the neighborhood park and the light was really nice. Of course the second we were done with pictures, Brady was just a happy little boy playing on the playground at the park. Good timing, son.

Sometimes I (the struggling perfectionist) put too much pressure on Brady to be “perfect” for photos and I have to remember that he’s barely 3. He usually takes direction so well or just does well being himself without me casually directing him. Thanks, buddy… you’re perfect just like you are and I’m glad we captured these photos just as they are.  It’s the funny un-perfect photos that have a better memory anyways, right?

Since the boys retreated to the car for warmth and non-roaring ocean sounds, I had a few minutes to quickly capture some self-portraits. I’m a little obsessed with this beautiful feminine yellow skirt and lace top my mom gifted me for my 30th birthday. Aren’t they so pretty with the light and wind? I couldn’t stop twirling and swishing it.  Oh, and after we finished with the family photos at the park, I coerced Brian to allow me to take some portraits of him, too.

Cheers to taking your own family photos!  See Part I (with the full video)  and Part II.

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