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A couple years ago, not long after we brought our golden retriever puppy, Gracie home, and unfortunately, prior to her professional training, we did a couple photo shoots for various dog product brands that have storefronts on Amazon. It was a series of fun shoots around our house and at a nearby state park here in Portland, Oregon. You’ll see she’s a bit more grown in the car product shoot (which was a couple months later). Anyway, I shot these product and lifestyle images for Thrasio, the company that represents the various brands / storefronts on Amazon. All things considered, she did great and we got some good shots. And it was fun. I worked with one of Thrasio’s art directors, Sara, who was a saint and wonderful assistant / model throughout the shoots. The brands we shot for were AMZ Pets, Angry Orange, and MuttStuff & Co. I hope we get to do more shoots like this again soon, now that she’s older and trained. 😉

Do you have a brand or Amazon storefront that needs product or lifestyle images? Let’s chat… I’d love to serve your business with beautiful imagery!

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