Noah’s First At Home Hair Cut | 15 Months Old | September 2018


I made a video of Brady’s first hair cut, so of course I had to do one of Noah’s first hair cut. Noah’s a little bit more of our “wild card” kiddo as you can see he moves his head with every single cut I make where as, Brady was unusually cooperative as a baby/kid getting his hair cut. lol.  I love seeing both of their personalities shining through in this video. Brady was a tremendous help distracting Noah so I could be productive in cutting his hair. Never had I cut any hair before I started cutting Brady’s as a baby 6 years ago. Now I just need to convince my hubby to let me learn how to do a fade and we’d save a few more bucks a year on his hair cuts 🙂 .

As I’m sharing this 3+ months later (oops), Noah’s since received another 3 haircuts – hah! My boy’s hair & nails grows so fast.  I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to cope with the idea of Brady having super short hair. So, until then, I’ll keep giving them trims and enjoying their beautiful long-er blonde hair.



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