Oregon Coast Day Trip // Hug Point Beach // February 2018

This is the second year in a row that when my mom was visiting from Texas we got incredible weather at the coast IN FEBRUARY. It was a fun little day trip with just the boys, myself and my mom. I even got a chance to drone a bit! Of course it was MY kid who was running around shirtless in 60 degree weather – hah. He’s GOT to be party ware-wolf. He rarely gets cold. Battles me for MONTHS to wear shorts in winter.  We ate at our favorite Pelican Brewing for dinner before heading back to Portland. I love that we can make day trips to the coast, what a blessing!

I’m tardy in sharing this (almost a year later), but look at how squishy and sweet baby Noah was!

Here’s a couple drone shots (also available to buy in my PRINT SHOP!);

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