Kiki’s Maternity Portraits in NW Portland | Skyline Blvd

It was a dark and rainy January day as I headed up to her childhood home on Skyline Blvd in Portland…. The wind was pretty crazy. How were we going to get some nice outdoor shots? Welp, per usual, we made it work and doesn’t she look AMAZING?!! We did a few “outdoor” shots in front of the massive iron doors at her parent’s house and used the wind to our advantage (hello, gorgeous flowy dress)!  It’s so neat when client’s trust my vision and open their lives and homes for me to document their special moments and seasons of life. We also snapped a few in her childhood bedroom (her favorite teal color) and even did one in her Frida Kahlo inspired chair, as well as, the shower with the mosaic she custom designed herself.   Yes, I was basically sitting on the toilet photographing her in the shower (mostly clothed) – hah. That’s a first at a Lauren Allen Photography shoot!  Ya never know what’s going to happen for me to get that shot! 😉  Maternity portrait sessions are some of my absolute favorite things to photograph. A mother-to-be is gorgeous beyond words. There’s something about us women when we’re pregnant and the beauty we feel, as if carrying another human adds to our already beauty.  There’s no “sucking in” or deep concern for your flaws or whatever… just simply highlighting the woman’s transformational beautiful strength in such a special season of life.


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