Noah is One | Birthday Morning | July 2018 | Portland, OR

As a child, I always felt SO special on my birthday. My family always made me feel so loved and spoiled with gifts. While I’m not huge on spoiling our kids with gifts, I do try to make a huge effort to show them how loved they are and throw a big party on top of a few small family special traditions. One of those is balloons in their room/bed the morning of their birthday. We went with a simple “1” balloon in Noah’s crib on the morning of his first birthday. He’s so hilariously animated, as the photos show. I just love his little sleepy face.  These are the same pajamas Brady wore on his first birthday, too.  I also make a big number out of photos from that year of the birthday boy and display at their party.

We also have a tradition of  a mini donut hole “cake” on your first birthday, which Noah devoured. He also went STRAIGHT for the flame lol. Oh, man. He’s our wild card, for sure. haha!

Next post I’ll share pics from Noah’s first birthday party.

iPhone shots:

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