Family Tent Camping | Metolius River | Central Oregon | June 2018 – Part 2

Part 2 of our camping trip… You can read Part 1 here.  On our last day in Central Oregon, we headed over to the Metolius River and the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery before driving home to Portland. Um, look at that water! This is NOT photoshopped, it’s actually that clear light blue. It was also REALLY cold (the water).   I have a video somewhere, but of course can’t find it months later when I’m writing this. Grrr… but there were butterflies EVERYWHERE. SWARMS of them! It was incredible and I couldn’t stop laughing out of pure childlike joy!! If you look closely, you can see some in the pics of us posing by the river.

The photo of the boys sitting by the water with Noah looking back with his hand on Brady back…. BRB, I’ll be mopping my heart up off the floor.

There’s a couple shots from my drone throne in here. I will share my drone video once it’s finished!  There’s SO MUCH more of Central Oregon we hope to explore soon. So pretty in the Summer!!


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