Pumpkin Picking at Plumper Pumpkin | Portland, Oregon

It was gorgeous full sun warm weather when I took the boys up to Plumper Pumpkin to pick out a pumpkin (of course Brady chose the LARGEST one he could barely pick up). We met some friends up there and ventured around for a bit. We snacked on freshly made pumpkin cinnamon donuts and cider. Ah, the taste of Fall.   I dressed Noah in Brady’s old camo overalls so, Brady chose to wear his camo pants to match.  I’m soaking up all the times he wants to match his little brother, because there’s no telling how long that will last!  I think Brady’s pumpkin ended up weighing in at 26 lbs. Sure, buddy, you can get it, but you gotta transport it to the car – hah! Sure enough, he recruited his friend and the help of a wheel barrow. Team work!

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