Brady’s First Season of Soccer // Fall 2016

In the spirit of Brady starting his second season of soccer this weekend, I thought I’d FINALLY blog images/video from his first game.

What a fun first season of soccer for Brady. This was his first time playing organized sports. It was a well run league nearby us. He had games every Saturday and I’m pretty sure he was placed on the most passive team of players in the entire league. Hah! There were maybe 1-3 players who would run the ball (Brady being one of them) and usually only 1 or 2 was present at each game.   I totally warned Brian not to be “that sports dad” who is too hard on his kids or overly coaches from the sidelines, etc… Except turns out that was ME. I couldn’t stop cheering him on or encourage him which way to run, when to pass the ball, etc…  Mostly because no one else was really coaching or directing the kids on what to do and when to do it. I kept telling Brian “Get out there and tell them what to do!” So funny.  Parenting really teaches you about yourself.  😉

Brady designated himself as goalie for every game. The team would be running one direction and he’d run straight into the goal and turn around and fiercely guard it. So funny, because no one told him to do that. A couple games in, he became a little more aggressive and would run with the ball and even attempt to steal. He scored his first goal at his last game and was so excited!

Here’s some of the best pics from the season and a little video from his first game, too. Don’t worry, we tucked his dress of a jersey into his shorts the next game (see video of 1st game).

VIDEO (Click the GEAR ICON at the bottom right to view video in HD!)


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Later in the season…. _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_1853__5x7_ _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_1854__5x7_ _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_1861__5x7_ _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_1918__5x7_ _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_1977__5x7_ _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_1981__5x7_ _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_2003__5x7_ _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_2008__5x7_ _2016_10_BradySoccer_HighRes_2016__5x7_

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