Cronin Family // Day in the Life Storytelling Session – Dallas, TX

It was a very cold January day for Dallas, TX. I had just travelled from Portland, OR back to my old stompin’ grounds (Dallas) to document this sweet family’s day. We had only spoken on the phone a hand full of times before meeting each other early that morning.  A little fact about Lorilei is she LOVES Christmas decor, which she leaves up for a couple months after Christmas (hence all the decorations). Their sweet son, Killian, had actually slept in later than usual that morning so we got to capture him waking, which is always fun. “Hey kid! Here’s a giant camera in your face! Wake up!”  He wasn’t really phased, though.  In fact, he liked the camera!  It’s so nice how the family tends to forget I’m there within a couple hours of stalking them with my camera. Everyone relaxes and I’m able to capture very REAL moments and emotions.

We started the morning by cooking breakfast in their home after Killian helped his dad retrieve the morning paper. Tory is apparently the cook and Lorilei made her daily smoothie, followed by some crafts at the kitchen table, and exploring some water beads in a giant tub of water before venturing out of the house.  Killian usually has a full schedule of fun activities throughout the week and since mom and dad took the day off from lawyering we all got to accompany him to his activities. We started with a nice lunch out then, attended his sports lessons class (which was inside b/c of the cold), followed by private indoor swim lessons. The kid can swim the length of an  olympic pool. Better than me. And he’s FOUR. Quite impressive.  Apparently his dad has been taking him to this pool to swim since he was 6 months old and he took to it really well.

We ran an errand on the way back to their house to pick up a sink/plumbing part for their master bathroom that Killian would help dad repair. Dad prepped dinner while mom and Killian built a gingerbread house.  We enjoyed a nice Italian dinner and they indulged in s’mores in the backyard for dessert.  Afterwards, Killian and his dad worked on a Star Wars Lego project (doing legos is their “thing”) before heading to bedtime routine. They’re geniuses and have a reclining couch IN Killian’s room so they get super comfy during bedtime book reading. Each parent takes their turn reading books before bedtime prayers are said and goodnight kisses are given.

One thing I really enjoy about these storytelling sessions is that I get to learn the nitty gritty details of people’s stories. I get to learn their joys and their struggles.  How they discipline their children. How they reward their children.  They’re favorite foods and the little mannerisms that their kiddos have- but may only stick around for another few months. I get to see who does most of the cooking and what bedtime routines look like. I get to see how the kids adore their parents and the sweet affectionate touches and looks the parents give each other throughout the day. I see how they help balance the load of parenting.  I LEARN from these families. These are the memories worth preserving!

It was such a pleasure and joy serving this family with a full Day in the Life Storytelling Session!  It wasn’t but a couple weeks after their session, one of their sweet 15 year old dogs passed away.  I’m so glad they have these videos and pictures to remember her as a part of their family.

Here’s a quick 1 minute clip of their day (see full version below):

FULL Fusion Video:

Here are some of my favorite images:

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