Kiki & Johnathan // Celebration of Love

I’ve had the honor and privilege of photographing so many different people in this wonderful family this past year! What a blessing that I get to continually serve them by documenting such special celebrations or milestones. When Kiki & her mom asked me to photograph Kiki & Johnathan’s CELEBRATION OF LOVE at their home off Skyline Blvd, it was an obvious YES.  Kiki & Johnathan are getting hitched in Mexico in December, but wanted to have a local celebration in Portland with family & friends. Man, do they know how to throw a party or what?!  Every little detail had special meaning. From the hand made ceramic shot (glasses) brought from Mexico by a guest, to the giant tequila barrels from brought in from their friend who owns Sandoval’s -who catered the [delicious!] Mexican food, to the handmade paper flowers from Mexico displayed in the gorgeous flower wall Kiki designed herself, to the song that Paco Padilla (a Mexican musician and family friend) performed for the happy couple, to the traditional Mexican cookies/desserts, and I could go on and on…  It was special to see it all come together and see how it really takes a village. How cool that they were able to bring in so many parts of Kiki’s Mexican heritage to make a meaningful celebration for Kiki & JB.

Kiki, her mom, and the teams at West Coast Productions & Zupan’s florals know how to tie it all together and create a visually stimulating event without over doing it. It was perfect and the light was lovely for the evening.

Kiki & Johnathan have become like friends. They’ve been a blessing to serve and work with!  Take a look at some of the photos from their CELEBRATION OF LOVE back in August.

I also secretly and spontaneously shot video during parts of the celebration, as well. I didn’t have my typical video equipment so, it’s not quite as “polished”, but it was in the moment which makes it even more artistic, right?   I surprised Kiki & JB at their order session with THIS video. The BEST compliment I can receive is making my clients cry. I got the best compliment TWICE over at each of the private order sessions I did for Kiki & JB, as well as, her mom and dad. Enjoy!


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