Day in the Life – Storytelling Photo Session // The P Family in Portland, Oregon (Part III)

The Pittman family’s “Day in the Life” Storytelling family session continued & finalized in PART III.  You can view Part I here  and  Part II here.

After finishing up dinner al fresco at one of their favorite local restaurants, Laughing Planet, they walked back through Gabriel park towards home. Sweet little Via pet every single dog she encountered. She has one of the kindest oldest souls I’ve ever seen in a 4 year old.  The kiddos played in the leaves and with odd shaped pine cones just as the sun was setting and showing off by bathing us all in it’s magical golden light.  They topped off the night with some Frozen Yogurt in Multnomah Village and of course, a stop at the local beer store.  They joked that instead of cute photos of the kids getting baths, we were at a beer store.  But hey- that’s what a storytelling session is. True to YOU and your day…. not uber planned and staged. Via inquisitively wandered down an aisle, looked up and announced, “HEY! We like that kind!”   Megan’s eyes got huge and she scooped her up implying it was time to go home.  Sweet little Via fell asleep while eating her froyo on the way home in the stroller… spoon still raised in the air, with some libations in the seat next to her for the adults to enjoy at home after a very full Saturday.

I find so much joy in documenting families lives. It’s so important to capture these small moments that so easily pass us by because, we’re busy, we forget or we want to be in the frame. What a special gift to have these images to reflect on in a few years and again when they’re adults.

You can learn more about these Day in the Life Storytelling sessions here.  Please contact me if you’re interested!

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