Day in The Life Storytelling Session

Day in the Life Storytelling Session – P Family from Lauren Allen on Vimeo.

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What is a “Day in the Life” storytelling session?

It’s YOUR story. YOUR unique life. It’s the beautiful moments that we so often miss, because we’re busy.  It’s a photographic documentary of one day in your life.  It’s a chance to create something more significant than a family portrait; it’s a chance to document all of the goings-on in your lifestyle on a regular day and to show your family really truly as a family.   What I love about serving others with photography is that we can recover, and relive the emotion we felt when that image was taken.  That’s WHY I do what I do. To remind you how beautiful you are just as you are.

There’s definitely a place for the formal family photos, but what ignites joy and passion in me is documenting these incredibly special small moments across a day for you.  This session is to capture YOUR uniqueness. YOUR current stage of life. The little quirks your kiddos are currently deep into. Tantrums and tears. Your Saturday morning routine. Your favorite park down the street. The favorite cafe for lunch. Doing yard work together.  Completing a puzzle together. Getting a hair cut. Washing the car (or dog). Reading books to your littles before bedtime. Whatever is unique to you. This is your story and I want to capture it!!

  • Full-Day “Day in the Life” Sessions (up to 12 hours of photography & videography) start at $2100.
  • Half-day “Day in the Life” Sessions (4 hours of photography & videography) start at $1200.
  • Ask about the Full-Day Session that includes travel to anywhere in the continental US!

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