Henry’s 2 Year Old Portraits: Dallas, TX

I’ve had the privilege of photographing this sweet little boy & his family 3 times in the past year and a half. Mackenzie has become a wonderful friend and resource as we walk through life raising little toddler boys. It’s been such a blessing serving this family and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I sure am going to miss them when we move to Portland in a couple weeks.  I shot Henry’s 2 year portraits in what was left of the tiny bluebonnet patch at White Rock Lake. He was so interested in picking the “blue flowers” and pointing out all the bicycles riding by on the street. What a cutie!

Since I started photographing sweet little Henry, Mackenzie’s started a gallery wall in her hallway and keeps adding to it. This time she chose the pre-designed Wall Gallery Collection #4, which includes (2) 16×20, (2) 11×14, and (4) 8×10 full framed images. They plan on keeping some for their gallery wall and sharing some with family – what a great idea!

Below is an iPhone pic of just a few of the beautiful framed portraits of Henry… there are 4 more 8×10 frames, but they didn’t fit in the pic!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



001-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 002-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 003-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 004-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 005-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 006-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 007-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 008-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 009-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 010-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 011-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard 013-_2015_04_Henry_Storyboard

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