Brady: 20 Months


Brady, you are all about making sounds lately. Your little voice is precious. You have your own language, which is quite impressive. Whenever you hear anything that resembles the sound of a phone or just electronic noises you put your hand to your fave and tilt your head a bit and say “EH?!!” like you’re talking on the phone – it’s the funniest thing.

You’ve figured out how to get onto the couch, which you enjoy lounging on. I think you’re in a spinning phase, because you just spin in circles on your own whether there’s music or not and it makes you giggle so hard once you get dizzy.  Life is like playing charades with you – you act everything out. Instead of trying to say the type of animal, you just act it out. Your cow impersonation is the best. Yout tilt your head back and mouth “Moooo”, but mostly don’t make any noise. You say “Hiiii” and wave, but there’s no “h” sound so it’s more like “eyyyyee!” Your “bye bye” sounds like “dye dye!” If you want a drink you imitate the act of drinking by bringing your hand to your mouth and pouring air into it while tilting your head back – hahah! Too funny.  Sometimes you tell George what to do in gibberish and point and yell like you’re disciplining him – hah.

Whenever you’re finished with your meal, you move the plate from your high chair tray to the table as if we now have permission to clear it away for you.  We went to Katy for a long weekend to help RaRa with her garage sale. You had fun playing on the dock and exploring the junk we were selling (specifically the old computer keyboard). You fed the ducks from your hand and are not afraid of them; you actually like chasing them! We were in Katy for Father’s Day so we spent the afternoon at PawPaw Joel’s. You also interacted well with Pete, the new horse at PawPaw Joel’s house. You even sat on him with Dad’s help and encouragement – it was amazing! Dad and I took you to the neighborhood splash park and you LOVED it. It was your 3rd time to go and you finally warmed up to it. You love watching the Dart Train drive by the park. Dad returned home from his first 21 day hitch on a Seadrill rig in the Gulf of Mexico. We “surprised” him at the baggage claim to pick him up from the airport the first week of June. You got the giggles when you spotted him coming down the escalator and of course it turned into a mush fest of happy tears. He was gone for almost a week doing Marine fire fighting training at Texas A&M in between being home and returning to another hitch, so we didn’t get to see him very much this month.

We went to a pediatric GI specialist to get one last look over your belly since you’ve had poop issues and a distended belly for months.  Praise God that you’re healthy! You just have lots of gas and tend to digest carbs slowly. Gas drops have helped tremendously and now your belly is still big, but at least soft to the touch.  You have lots of bumps and bruises lately, because you play so hard, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. You LOVE to help or be given tasks. I need to start using that to my advantage ;).  We don’t stay home for more than an hour or two before/after your naps unless it’s raining out. You tend to get easily bored/fussy and into trouble when we stay home and play inside. Therefore, we’re constantly out on playdates or at the park or running errands to help keep everyone happy.

You are mesmerized by the Apple TX photo slide shot screen saver that displays all my Instagram photos which plays on the TV.  You tend to walk-run everywhere so quickly. Sometimes you surprise me by grabbing my hand and guiding me somewhere. I never want to let go!  Rara visited for a few days at the end of the month and brought you a new Cambelbak cup/thermos like mine, which you LOVE to drink from and carry around most of the day. You tend to drink 2x as much now.

You’re still in a size 12 pant/shorts and 18 month shirts/onesies. You weigh about 25 lbs, but seem quite stocky. You seem to be trending towards my build – hehe…  Your carseat still faces backwards and we’ll probably keep it that way until your at least 30 lbs. You have LOTS of teeth now. at least 2 top molars and 2 bottom molars, and nearly 8 front teeth (4 top and 4 bottom). You LOVE the teething tablets that dissolve in your mouth and seem to request them as part of your nightly routine before bed. We aren’t very consistent with brushing your teeth, but you like it when we brush our teeth together. Sometimes you just suck the edible toothpaste off and then you’re done. Your hair grows so fast, but it’s so beautiful and gets so curly when you play outside (or anytime you get hot and sweaty) so I can’t bring myself to do anything more than a trim for now.

We love you bunches, Brady Bear! Time is flying by and you make us laugh every day!! Are all kids this cute and funny?!



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