Brady: 19 Months


Brady, you turned 19 months old at the end of May, 2014. My, how time as flown! You are still very talkative, but still no “real” words yet. You’re getting SO close.  Whenever I tell you to use your words you reply happily with “dahdahdahdahdah” as if that what “words” means. hehe.  Whenever you hear sounds outside you stop, whisper while pointing your finger in the air.

You like to sit in front of the mirror in my bedroom and throw stuff at it, hit it, flirt with it, or talk to it.  We’ve been frequenting the updated neighborhood playground lately. You like the big slides, which make your hair stand up b/c of the static. You seem to constantly have scrapes and bruises, because you play so hard – but you don’t seem to care. YOu like to point at your “ouchies” and pretend to put medicine on them. You’re very attached to your giraffe “woobie” when we’re at home.

We went to Katy for Mother’s Day weekend to see Brian in between his new job training and his first 21-day hitch offshore.  Ra-Ra got you a water table, which kept you quite entertained. You were cutting 6 teeth (bottom and top molars, and canines) during Mother’s Day weekend and a few days after we got home, which your sleep reflected for a few days/nights (thank you- haha).  We brought George back home with us from Ra-Ra’s and it’s so fun to see y’all interact at home again! You often imitate him (shaking his head, barking at the back fence, romping around chasing a ball, and drinking his water) – it’s endearing and hilarious!

You flip out when the sun hits your face while in the car – you scream and pat your head. There must be something magical about my cup, because you steal it often. You have so many facial expressions it’s unbelievable!  You are still intrigued by music and have added playing the air-piano and air-drums to your air-guitar playing. It’s so adorable. I try to have music on a few hours during the day :).

We actually had your 18 month check-up this month. You were healthy except your first little ear-infection, while teething, and the same week I suffered through strep throat and you contracted the worst diaper rash you’ve ever had (all while Dad was away working).  It was a rough week, but we survived! Miss Jamie and Miss Bethany babysit you occasionally while I work or just need a bit of “me” time while Brian is away working.

Your hair is getting so long and beautiful! It gets quite curly after you get sweaty from playing outside. You make the cutest surprise face with your mouth open like the letter “O”. You’ve grown more and more interested with books. You sit down to “read” by yourself and you even sit through several that I read to you. It’s become more routine for us to read before your nap and bedtime. In the past I could just toss you in bed and now you request a reading.  You also love transferring your wooden blocks from one container to another and stacking them high on your little table.

We love you bunches, buddy. It’s such a gift and blessing to be your mom!

Here’s a recent video I made of you playing at White Rock Lake at the end of the month:

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#BradyShep on Instagram in May:

storyboard063 storyboard064 storyboard065 storyboard066

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