Pregnancy: 15 weeks

I’m so grateful to be this far along. It seems so early still, yet I’ve made some significant progress. I still haven’t written our “story” that got us here, but I promise I will soon. Maybe in the next blog post… stay tuned. I’m making a book with maternity photos and brief descriptions from each week. This is the layout for week 15, which may be hard to read so I have more info written below.

15 Weeks Pregnant
HOW FAR ALONG?  15 weeks…. only 24-ish left.

SIZE OF OUR SWEET BABY? The size of a navel orange! 4-4.5 inches, 3-5 oz.

MATERNITY CLOTHES? Still rockin’ most of my flowy, high-waisted, a-line dresses. Although, some of them are just beginning to look awkward, like I don’t know how to buy clothes that fit right. hah.  I’ve tried the belly band over my jeans and it’s a big fail. every time I move or bend over, I have to readjust. How do so many women use this this thing? Am I doing it wrong??

GENDER: TBD… we find out in 5 weeks!

SLEEP? If I lie down for a cat nap, I’m out like a light and can sleep for 2 hours straight with no problem. But sleeping at night is no longer smooth sailing. I had no idea it would happen so early in pregnancy. There are at least 3 occasions per night I get up to pee, in addition to the 27 times I re-adjust. I’m trying to get all the tummy and back sleeping time I can until I’m too big.

FOOD CRAVINGS? Oh man… don’t get me started. Pickles (so cliche, I know- but I had an intense love for pickles pre-pregnancy so it’s way stronger now), anything salty, Asian food (just tried Pho for the 1st time this weekend), and sausage+cheese KOLACHES. We made a special stop at the Czech stop bakery in West, TX on the way back from Austin this wknd and it was so worth it.

WHAT I MISS? Drinking my daily cup of hot earl grey tea. I can totally have a cup if I wanted, but I feel like if I haven’t had any up until this point why should I? Also, summer fruity drinks (margaritas & such).

SYMPTOMS? I just feel like I’m kinda “growing”. My belly feels tight at certain points of the day. I’ve been super exhausted since week 6 of pregnancy, and I feel like maybe this week it’s sorta tapering off? (That might also be due to the fact we had a super relaxing weekend, with lots of rest, naps, and down time.)

BELLY BUTTON?  It’s still an “inny” but it’s stretching and getting bigger. (That sounds gross.)

BEST MOMENT(S) OF THE PAST COUPLE WEEKS?  (1) Gather Retreat. I co-hosted a creative Christian women’s retreat with 2 friends out of town two weekends ago. It was a huge success and so much fun. (2) Austin Heaven (weekend get away at a cabin near Austin with Brian) for some much needed R&R. (3) Brian and I talking about hypotheticals with our future child this week. I truly appreciate and am so grateful for his funny personality and creativity/resourcefulness. For instance: we were talking about what it’d be like if I left him to his own devices to dress and raise our child and he started talking about rigging up some of his own white t-shirts and knotting them at the bottom to be a “onesie” and then making some baby socks out of his own socks by cutting them down in size and zip-tying them very loosely around the baby’s feet.  I mean, seriously who thinks of these things?!

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  1. christina says:

    So happy to read about everything going so well! The fatigue definitely does fade as you get into the second trimester. And oh the belly button…mine will never be the same!

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