Spring Blooms with my boys around Portland, OR | Rose Garden | March 2018

How was this a year ago?? The blooms around Portland in the Spring are straight out of a fairy tale. It’s unbelievable. I am so grateful to live in a place with actual four seasons (for the most part).  It’s truly like we earned it and are being rewarded with beauty for coming out of hibernation.

The boys and I made a couple stops around Washington Park (the Rose Garden) and snapped some pics in/around allll the incredible blooms. My absolute favorite blooming bush is the Camellia. And it’s an evergreen, which makes it even better.  It’s my dream to surround our future home with camellia shrubs/trees one day.

Can you believe that blooming magnolia tree is in our front yard?! Why can’t it bloom like that for 6 months?!! It’s breathtaking!!

I also planted daffodil bulbs last Fall and they’re all popping and blooming out our front door. How fun!!!

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