Snow Maternity Portraits for Meredith | Tigard, OR

The city of Portland basically shut down (several times) across the winter of 2016. It was a rough one for this Texas girl who only prefers to visit snow and than leave it there. Of course it happened to be when I was also pregnant and solo parenting for 3 weeks… big storms and stuff always seem to happen like the day after Brian leaves for several weeks offshore. Whhyyy. haha I was shoveling our driveway (to maneuver my husband’s big 4 wheel drive truck out of our driveway so I could get to a photo shoot) and cursing the snow and the shovel and tiny dint of work it was doing. I bet I was a site to behold by my neighbors- hah!  Anyway, since everyone knows I don’t prefer to drive on ice or snow, my sweet friends came over to let our boys play in the backyard and I thought it’d be a great time to snap some quick maternity portraits of my friend, Meredith.  I added some falling snow to some of the shots (because of course it stopped snowing while we were taking pics). I’d say my wood shed makes for a great backdrop!  Isn’t she gorgeous?!  It was fun being pregnant together – she was almost exactly a trimester ahead of me and is also a boy mom.

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