Cold & Flu Season | Natural Wellness Support – My Current Favorite Products & Home Remedies

It’s that time of year… when your little petri dish kids bring all the germs home & so generously share them with you. Here are some of my current favorite immune boosters and goodies we use during the cold & flu season & how to get your hands on them. (There’s a couple suggestions that aren’t pictured, but still listed below.)

1. THIEVES LOZENGES- toss out all other cough drops, because these are all you need. They’ve got a slight cinnamon/lemon/mint taste and really help numb your throat (thanks clove!) while also supporting your immune system with essential oils.Unlike many other lozenges, Thieves Hard Lozenges use pure essential oils and natural ingredients instead of sugar or artificial flavoring for a great, refreshing taste.  You’ll get great taste and effective support without dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives Grab from 👉🏼 your Young Living distributor (or me!)

2. MULLEIN GARLIC (ear oil) – sounds (& smells gross), but totally helps those ear infections or preventing them. We really try to avoid putting our kids through rounds of antibiotics. Just a drop in each ear (1-3x daily). We use for maybe 2-3 days when suspecting ear irritation or when the doctor confirms an ear infection. *Pro Tip: it can stain so I try to wipe out the residual stuff right away* Grab this at your local 👉🏼 Whole Foods, New Seasons, Natural Grocers.  (We also rub a homemade blend of essential oils on the exterior part of the ear canal/down the side of the throat where the canal drains to help clear ears up. **Never put essential oils inside your ear.**)

3. VIRATTACK – An herbal blend that kicks that virus fast (Lomatium root, Echinacea root, st. John’s Wart, etc…) I put a dropper full in a 2 oz shot glass with a drop of lemon essential oil & take 2-4x daily when I’m feeling yucky. Grab this at your local 👉🏼 Whole Foods, New Seasons, Natural Grocers.

4. BABY DAILY PROTECTIVE BALM – This all-purpose nourishing balm is the ultimate hydrating & comforting multi-tasker (!!) Soothing blend of organic shea butter & jojoba oil provides a layer of protection from head to toe. *(Noah’s had a yucky face rash from teething + a virus & I smear this all over his face just like you’d use Aquaphor, but as an ingredient-conscious mom, I love this formula that’s free of irritants and hidden, harmful ingredients). **I also use on dry knuckles in the winter & dry skin spots on the boys. Can be used as a lip balm, too. ** Grab this here 👉🏼

5. LEMON + THIEVES Essential Oils – Have a scratchy or sore throat? Make “Thieves Tea” with hot water + 1 drop lemon + 1 drop Thieves + raw honey.  My son loves to request this when he’s feeling under the weather.  This is also the most diffused combo in our diffusers throughout the year, especially Sept – May. Goodbye germ air!   👉🏼 Grab oils from me! 

(Thieves tea photo by Lindsey Moreno)

6. OREGANO + THIEVES WELLNESS ROLLER (NOT PICTURED)- We make a blend of Oregano, Thieves and Lemongrass essential oils with a little bit of a carrier oil (coconut oil) to dilute inside of an essential oils bottle with a roller ball top. This is great for this season and also traveling. I roll onto the bottoms of our feet (Oregano smells strongly so, it’s nice to put on before socks and shoes – hah).  Oregano is EXCELLENT for your immune system & gut, if not better than antibiotics (bc it doesn’t kill all the good stuff your body & gut needs to fight when you’re below the “wellness line”).  👉🏼 Grab oils from me! 

7. ELDERBERRY SYRUP – We like to make our own based off this recipe from MommyPotamus. I wait to add in a drop of each of these essential oils at the end (as to not heat them and lose their therapeutic properties: Ginger, Thieves, Orange) and adjust the amount of honey depending on how sweet I want it.  We buy our dried elderberries (makes many batches) on Amazon.   You can also buy pre-made syrup online or at Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, New Seasons.

Cheers to wellness!

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