My Pregnancy Self Portrait Project (second time around- with baby Noah) 2017-2018

I’m not one who loves to be on the other side of the camera, but I know how important it is for my family  (my boys will appreciate it one day, right?) and even for myself… it’s a good creative outlet and it reminds me what my photography clients feel and think and experience being behind the camera.  Anyway, I did a self portrait project when I was pregnant with Brady and while it was hard work, it was fun and I’m SO glad I did it.  It was a lot of fun to do it again, especially with the gorgeous Oregon back drop this time and a 4 year old little helper!  In the end I compile it into a book… here are the pages  :).   I’m like a year late posting this, but oh, well. We just celebrated Noah’s 1st birthday – hah!

_15Weeks _18Weeks _20Weeks _23Weeks _26Weeks _27Weeks _29Weeks _30WeeksB_COPY2 _31Weeks _33Weeks _36Weeks _37Weeks _38Weeks _39Weeks _40Weeks

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