Rogue River Valley | Oregon : July 2016

Our Crater Lake trip continued the next day…. view the first part here. We stayed at Union Creek Resort (cabins) right along the Rogue River (about a 15-20 min drive from Crater Lake). We dined at Becky’s (known for their pies!) on the property for dinner the night we lodged there. You must eat there and enjoy a famous slice of pie!

We stayed in a nice large 2 story cabin. Would have been fun to stay longer, but we enjoyed our time regardless. We woke up the next morning and walked about 50 feet to Becky’s (again) for a yummy breakfast.  George and I went on a little walk and discovered a cool creek not far from our cabin. When we came back Brady was showing me the new baseball hat and car that Dad bought him at the gift shop across the street. Brian’s such a softy – hah.

After breakfast we took the whole crew down to the creek and crossed over this big dam of logs and such. At one point Brady took of running down the trail and Brian and George chased after. George fell in and nearly got lodged under a log and fast running water so, Brian jumped in and rescued him. Whew!

Before checking out, we walked about a 1/4 mile down the street to view the Rogue River (Gorge). It was incredibly beautiful and reminded me of a scene in The Goonies. The river even runs underground for a portion of it. Gosh, Oregon is so cool.  We headed down the river further and put our feet in the (COLD) water and just chilled for a bit. On our way back to the cabin Brady and I stopped in the cute little ice cream shop next to our cabin. He was so excited. He chose a big cone filled with chocolate ice cream scoops and only got to enjoy maybe half of one scoop before dropping it on the ground. Bummer.  We ran into a group of other photographers from the Portland area (didn’t know them) but they took some quick snaps of Brady and I enjoying his ice cream. Sweet.

On our drive back to Portland, we stopped to see the beautiful view of Diamond Lake in one direction and then Mt. Thielsen in the other direction. It was a very unique pointed mountain top. Our next “view point” stop was White Horse Falls (our last stop on the way home from Crater Lake). It was beautiful with multiple levels and winded around the corner to expose more creek.  Another one of natures Air Conditioners- it felt great standing near the falls.

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Not 2 minutes after this he dropped his ice cream on the ground lol… _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1053__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1060__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1065__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1087__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1089__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1095__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1096__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1097__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1098__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1101__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1105__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1109__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1114__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1124__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1125__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1128__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1131__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1136__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1137__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1148__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1162__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1163__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1172__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1176__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1179__5x7_ _2016_07_CraterLake_HighRes_1212__5x7_

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