Tour de Texas // November 2015 // Part II – Katy, TX

Our second leg of our “Tour de Texas” trip  (read Part I here) was North of my mom’s house in Katy, TX about 3 miles to my dad’s house. We always enjoy our time over there with my half brother & sister, a few animals, and there’s always some cool home improvement project taking place. This time it was an updated half bath downstairs. They replaced the pedestal sink with a walnut butcher block counter top, a free standing bowl and a butcher block shelf below. Pretty nice. I wish I was as handy as my dad is with stuff like that. He can basically build an entire (beautiful) deck in an afternoon.

They threw Brady a belated 3rd birthday party, which was so sweet and cute. Brady was thrilled. He loved his new remote control car and the safari set of animals/trees/”canos” (volcanos).  We were all happy to indulge in Bluebell ice cream (a Southern staple, which was recently recalled/pulled off the market). Our visit to Texas was timed perfectly, in my opinion ;).

Sam and Lisa are really into baseball and softball. We actually got to see Sam’s championship game while we were in town. It hurts my heart we miss stuff like that since we live across the country now, but what a blessing we get to soak those things up while visiting!  They are so good with Brady, too. They play so well together & Brady loves playing with big kids.

Lisa had a softball team party at a bowling alley so, we tagged along and Brady had his first bowling experience. It was a lot of fun and I ended up bowling a strike at the very end of the game when no one was around to witness, of course! hah! The weather was a beautiful sunny and 75 most of the trip so we took full advantage and even rode bikes down to the neighbor’s house to deliver fresh picked lemons from the backyard! We stopped along the way and visited neighbor’s horses and Sam retrieved all the beer cans on the ground, which was sadly a lot.  My dad and I walked around and view his growing pecan trees that were mere little seedlings 25  years ago.  We posed next to one that he and I planted, which was one of the only surviving trees from his father’s pecan grove in Edna,  Texas from 25+ years ago.

Our time together was short, but sweet. We are so blessed by family.

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