Hiking Tryon Creek State Park – Portland, Oregon // July 2015

Our first hike as a family was within the Portland city limits (crazy that there’s a forest in the middle of the city, I know) at Tryon Creek State Park. It’s about a 15 min drive from our house and has several different trails that are approx a few miles round trip.  It was the perfect place to wear in our child carrier hiking pack, the Osprey Poco Plus. The hike was great and the pack was great. We brought a picnic lunch with us and had a great time. Most of the trails are covered by the tree canopies so even if it’s a sunny day, it’s not too hot. There are lots of cool suspension bridges and just beautiful sights in general.

Brian and I actually returned to Tryon Creek today for a kid/dog free hike (these photos below are from last month – July). It was nice to wonder around untethered and have some adult conversations. It’s easy to get to for some easy hikes. There are also lots of trail runners out there, as well as, kids camps.  Overall, great place with various easy trails and you don’t have to leave the city!

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