Henry’s 1 Year Old Portrait Session

I had the privilege of photographing adorable little 12 month old Henry and his mom in their beautiful Dallas home. I was greeted with a huge smile and giggle from sweet little Henry as I walked in the door – it couldn’t have been a better welcoming! He was so smiley and giggly during our session and has the most beautiful big blue eyes. I LOVE photographing babies around this age. They’re quite expressive and explorative, but not running around like a toddler yet.

We did some portraits in his beautiful neutrally decorated nursery, some on white seamless, and  then some near a big picture window in their formal living room. I truly enjoyed working with this sweet family – and I’m SO excited to see the large gallery wall display hanging in their home!!  The goal of my portrait sessions is to create stunning art for your home and keepsakes for a lifetime! It’s so important to display portraits instead of keeping them archived on a hard drive some where. Those expensive files will eventually corrupt one day, but getting to walk by beautiful professional portraits of your family each day is priceless. Here’s a preview of the portrait wall display they chose featuring (4) 20×24 full framed images and a desktop 8×10 and 5×7 framed in a nice “barn grey” neutral wooden frame….  COLLECTION_02_Henry_PURCHASED

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